Samsung Belt

Samsung Washing Machine Drive Belt 6602-001497, 6602-001072
Rating: 5/5
Units in box: 1


Belt for Samsung front loading washing machine

Easy to install.

Manufacturer Part No: 6602-001497, 6602-001072

Fits all models of Samsung washing machines.

Symptoms that indicate a worn or torn belt:

Symptom 1: Samsung washing machine starts to REGULARLY show a UE error which has never been a problem before, in most cases this indicates a loose belt which is slipping and causing the machine to think its out of balance when it is not.

Symptom 2: Samsung washing machine fills with water and the motor can be heard running but the drum is not rotating, this would indicate that the belt might be ripped or has come off. 


Thursday, 24 September 2015
Fast delivery. Solved a UE error on my washing machine that has been annoying us for quiet some time.