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TOPIC: Samsung Washing Machine Error/Fault Codes

Samsung Washing Machine Error/Fault Codes 3 years 2 weeks ago #7

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Samsung washing machines have a self diagnosis system that detects and lets the user know what the problem is with the machine.

5E or SE - Drain Error:
Samsung washing machine 5E/SE error indicates that the machine has not drained the water in a set amount of time.
Blockage in the drain filter, drain hoses or u-bend under the sink, kinked drain hose or a faulty drain pump.

4E Error - Water Supply Error:
Samsung washing machine 4E error indicates that the washing machine has not filled up to the proper water level.
1. Tap not open or no water in the tap.
2. Kinked inlet hose.
3. Clogged mesh screen filter in the water valve or hose.
4. Clogged pressure tube.
5. Faulty water valve or pressure sensor.
6. Faulty PCB.

OE Error - Overflow error:
Samsung washing machine OE error indicates that the washing machine has filled water above the set water level.
Faulty water inlet valve or PCB.

dE Error - Door not locked error:
Samsung washing machine dE error indicates that the door is open.
1. Door not closed properly.
2. Faulty door lock.
3. Faulty wiring.
4. Faulty PCB.

UE Error - Unbalance Error:
Samsung washing machine UE error indicates that the washing machine has detected a unbalance in the drum during the spin cycle.
1. Not enough clothes in the drum to balance the load.
2. Tangled clothes.
3. Worn belt.
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